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noviembre 10, 2012

I´m very pleased to write this post because of the new tools in the www to make mobile applications are sweeping, and the present post have the idea to show the best two tools of the market. Let´s go!

PhoneGap - "One framework for all OS = hybrid experience"

At the present time i´m working in Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, in a project of Mobile Web Multiplatform, with PhoneGap. In the approximately six months ago, i could be able to discover this fantastic world, and i have some reason´s to recommend you this pretty framework:

The best feature:

"Make one coding effort a time for all OS with the aid of Web Technologies"

Yes, if you are iOS/Android/BB... developer and you have received a request to make one application for all platform, you will think about looking for a team for all OS that you don´t know. Ok, stop, with Phonegap you can solve almost problems of this request, because if you know some HTML,CSS and JavaScript, you will be able to make the aplication only once. This is possible because PhoneGap let to developers write the code in web technologies (80% of coding) and very little work in native technologies (20% of coding). In this blog you can find a lot of post with more information:


Titanium - "Cooking the modules in one programming language & Include them in the shaker + Some configurations(Natives tips)) = Native Mobile Web Application"

The best feature:

"MultiPlatform Native Experience in Applications"

If you are reading this post is probable that you have read other post of Titanium, or you are very interested in Mobile Development. Perfect, because Titanium could be your solution if you need to code a native application in different OS. PhoneGap let developers make multiplatform applications, but it´s not native the experience (..so exist some tricks to solve partially). Users often want native experience when them launch the mobile applications, it´s because it´s an experience in line with the platform. With Titanium you can make Native Experience Applications with less cost. I´m testing the UI of Appcelerator and i´m still learning some concepts. I encourage you to look for more information:


This is all for today, i´m continuously looking for information of this amazing Tools/Technics.

Note: This it´s my first post in english...so i´m sorry for misspellings (Working on it!!).

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